Artist Statement

Resurgens: the giant welded steel Phoenix rises from the flames to frame a gateway. The gate will be welded to the old train tracks, inviting visitors to walk along the tracks under and through the body of the phoenix. Like Neil’s other works in the area, the Phoenix draws stylistic inspiration from graffiti art, pop art and tattoo flash, industrial forms, and organic curves, adding up to something that is utterly homegrown.


Artist Bio

Neil has been in the welding industry since 1995, but his artistic career launched even earlier, when, at eight years old, he began to study classical painting. He took painting classes all through high school in West Palm Beach and came to Atlanta to go to art school for painting. After one week of painting classes sophomore year, Carver switched to sculpture. Soon after, he started working in a welding shop. Finally, he left school in 1997 to work in a series of metal fabrication shops and artists’ studios.