Artist Statement

Reflecting Web is a large-scale outdoor web sculpted of mirrors. The mirrored strands split the light into millions of splintering shards that dance over the landscape with the movement of the wind, making visible and invisible energy presence. Reflecting Web amplifies the beauty and amazement of common natural phenomonen of a dew-laden spider web that provides an ever-changing, subtly dynamic encounter.

See how you can access the Atlanta BeltLine near Reflecting Web.


Artist Bio

Since 1990, Pam Longobardi has had over 25 solo exhibitions and 65 group exhibitions in galleries and museums in the US, Italy, Spain, Finland, Poland, Japan and elsewhere. Her work involves painting, photography, fabricated objects and installations, addressing the psychological relationship between humans and the natural world. She was recently named Artist-In-Resident for the Blue Ocean Institute. Longobardi currently lives in Atlanta.