Artist Statement

Recent colored sculpture integrates and emphasizes the structural organization of the elements and celebrates life.


Artist Bio

Ray Katz was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. He has a B.S. from Eastern Michigan University and an M.F.A. from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Ray’s passion for sculpture started during his seminal development as an artist. Ray is best known for his large scale metal sculpture but works successfully in a wide range of media and scale. Ray’s sculpture is abstract. The manipulation of form in space to create visual balance, using rhythm, action and movement, combine to create compositions that convey the implied energy found in his work. Ray’s sculptures allude to an evolutionary process that we all commonly share in the human experience. The active forms that are brought together represent the flux of life, and embrace transformative concepts such as evolution, metamorphosis and transcendence. These ideas and concepts are what separate his work from the historical and industrial influences from which he draws his connections. Ray has exhibited sculpture publicly and privately throughout the Mid-West, Mid-South and overseas in Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan.