Artist Statement

Quasar is a public art sculpture that represents the most luminous phenomenon known to man. Quasars are speculated to be two galaxies that have collided, the energy from this powerful force forming a supermassive black hole.

This work was originally displayed on the Eastside Trail north of Ponce de Leon Avenue, but has since been moved south to near Irwin Street.


Artist Bio

Lily Reeves received her BFA from Alfred University and her MFA from Arizona State University, and is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. Growing up in the Southeast has forever contoured Reeves’ practice with notions of magical realism and southern Gothicism, with roots in the uncanny and the supernatural. Her work is highly influenced from research in mysticism, science fiction, holistic healing, eastern medicine, folk beliefs, consciousness, and comparative religious studies. Her multimedia sculptures and installations use audience inclusive performance and sculpture as a tool for transformational experience to persuade viewers to foster a culture of altruism, equanimity, and self-awareness.