Artist Statement

A group of healers and dealers have traveled from far, far away to bring a magical elixir to the kind people of the Atlanta BeltLine. Using the power of song-and-dance, awe-inspiring circus arts, and timeless comedic rhythm, we will sway our clever audience plants to taste the elixir and prove to naysayers in the crowd that this is, in fact, the “real deal.” Once our audience plants are cured from their earthly ailments by our other-worldly elixir, our credibility will be known and all who are present will be converts of this powerful potion.


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September 22

September 29

October 13


Artist Bio

Twin Head Theater inspires and entertains the Atlanta community while leading a new generation of theatrical performance by developing and producing plays, films, and performance-based events. A collaborative process developed from improvisational theatre is used to write and build all of their original material. Thimblerig Circus is a comedic-sideshow trio has been performing all around the East Coast together of over ten years. From schools to county fairs, to corporate events and renaissance festivals, Thimblerig Circus amazes audiences with juggling, magic, and hilarious feats of death defiance.