Artist Statement

Premeditated Spontaneity is a concrete ribbon gateway and art installation that uses man-made elements to create organic additions to the environment. Capturing the fluidity and liquid form of concrete in a solid state, this sculpture serves as a multipurpose element of form and function. Like a piece of ribbon blowing in the wind, the enlarged version contrasts the lightweight, airy implication balancing itself with the weight and structural stoicism of concrete. A special coating on the concrete will be applied which cleans and removes pollutants from its surrounding, making the sculpture an active air purifier in addition to a piece of sculpture.

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Artist Bio

With a degree in Architecture from Ball State University, Environmental Design Degree, and Honors Degree, Aaron Albrecht has several years of experience in design and art, using contrasting forms and methods to create a balance and synthesis of ideas.

Frank Fralick is a contractor and graduate of Vanderbilt University. He specializes in the cutting edge technology in the constitution industry and works closely with designers to understand their goals, using his expertise to execute the vision without compromise.