Artist Statement

Posts for Peace and Justic has a mission to support and build individual and community resilience, engagement, compassion, and cohesiveness, through creative, collaborative, inclusive experiences exploring and artfully representing relevant peace & social justice issues.

Using 6-8 foot vinyl posts made in workshops, “posted” in social media, and “hosted” in a variety of physical settings in an effort to raise awareness and stimulate thought and conversation leading to raising consciousness and taking action to resolve injustices.


Artist Bio

This project is built on 30 years of peace & social justice collaborative arts with nonprofits by Kira Carrillo Corser and a lifetime of work in peace and health outreach as well as education by Lisa Parsons.

See for Phase One of the Posts for Peace & Justice Project.

The Posts for Peace & Justice Project is a collaboration connecting artists and nonprofits with inter-generational, multicultural communities through workshops, events, and online postings. The POSTS are PHYSICAL ARTWORKS and CREATIVE POSTS ONLINE.