A chalk art festival is a great way to engage the community in an art medium and
creation process that would otherwise be never seen or experienced. It is ephemeral
and the emphasis is on the relationship between the viewer and the artist. It is a great
addition to any art festival or stand alone chalk festival. It is a performance and not
about the finished product.

The Georgia Chalk Artists Guild is an association of professional and emerging chalk
artists who aim to promote the awareness and education of chalk as an artistic medium,
and to provide resources for the public to connect with Georgia chalk artists. The group
was founded by three artists in 2014. They were very passionate about the medium and
decided to band together to achieve great things in the chalking world. Zach Herndon
suggested that they make their dreams a reality, so they met over coffee to put their
ideas to paper! They chalked up a plan for a logo, a website, and a guild mission. They
knew it would not be enough to just chalk amongst themselves so they asked around
and met a few interested artists. Soon the guild was in full swing and members started
signing up. They started the Pop Up Chalk Fest at events around Atlanta such as the
Atlanta Streets Alive and soon grew the community. Now when people hear chalk in
Atlanta, they think of the Georgia Chalk Artists Guild! Anyone interested in becoming a
chalk artist can sign up at www.gachalkartists.org .