Artist Statement

Through the use of three perforated steel surfaces, Peripatete establishes a permeable field of experience. Along the Beltline, the wanderer or explorer is assumed as the baseline subject. The piece is activated by mobile, peripatetic vision. The perforated forms sit within, and offer multifarious glimpses to, the surrounding landscape. The forms and views contort as the subject moves through the piece. The laser-cut carbon steel, staked into the ground with railroad spikes, references the past life of the Beltline while projecting aspirations of its future.


Artist Bio

Bryan Alcorn has a BS in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology and recently completed a Master of Architecture from The University of Michigan. He moved back to Atlanta in late 2011, bringing four years of experience working in architecture firms in Atlanta and Michigan, as well as construction experience. He currently works with the Beck Group, further investigating the relationship between designing and making within the context of new digital technologies.

Frank Fralick is a contractor and graduate of Vanderbilt University. He specializes in the cutting edge technology in the constitution industry and works closely with designers to understand their goals, using his expertise to execute the vision without compromise.