Artist Statement

#OurLove is part of an ongoing series of drawings and paintings of Atlanta-based queer couples. The intent of this series is to create awareness and representation for a kind of love that isn’t shown in mainstream media and the abundance of that love in Atlanta. Telling the stories of resilient, queer people of color, and the everyday resistance through which QTPOC live. This work focuses on exalting the beauty of queer love and the experience of being a QTPOC. #OurLove … matters.

This mural was painted as part of BeltLine Walls, Vol. 2 and festival on August 4, 2019 on the interim Northeast Trail where it passes under I-85.


Artist Bio

Maita was born in Guatemala City to mixed parents in 1999. Her childhood was composed of family, Guatemalan culture, and a love for art. Her family was always worried about going out and her mom was always stressed bout she and her sister’s safety because of the brutality that happened near their home. Because she was surrounded by so much violence, her parents decided to move to Puerto Rico, where her father was raised. Maite lived in Puerto Rico for four years before moving to the United State during her first year of high school. For Maite, art is not just a drawing or a painting, it is a way to express emotions and ideas that move people. It is the language she feels most comfortable expressing. Moving to the US has allowed her to have a broader view of different cultures and feel very proud of her own ethnicity. She has learned to appreciate differences whether they are physical, cultural, or emotional. Migrating has helped her see what human beings have in common and understand how strongly she feels against any form of discrimination. She wants people to look at her art and feel empathy towards each other. Maite wants to make an impact by creating work that targets issues that she is passionate about. Her dream is to use her artist voice to represent the voices of others and fight for civil rights and equality.