Artist Statement

Commissioned By: The Chelko Foundation Sculptor: Phil Proctor and Geo4Design Painters: Scott Fray, Madelyn Greco, Stephanie Anderson One Woman Rising project was influenced by the “One Billion Rising” global day of action and is intended to serve as a lasting monument to women and girls affected by violence. The statue depicts the grace of the feminine form rising in dance and is surrounded with a metal railing where viewers may use ribbons and markers (provided) to share their reasons for rising and other stories of empowerment and survival.

One Woman Rising was featured in the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine 2013 exhibition. From 2015-2019 it was on display in Freedom Park by the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. The work was deaccessioned in early 2020. 


Artist Bio

The Chelko Foundation’s mission to empower women by ending gender bias and violence against women and girls is driven by people just like you that strive to make a difference in the world. Working through a combination of Art, Education and Partnership, The Chelko foundation envisions a world where all women are free. Inspired by the example set by its founder, Paul Chelko, Foundation volunteers have conributed countless hours to organizations like: V-Day, One Billion Rising, Jaden’s Ladder, Moving in The Spirit, Chayil, HERO and the Human Rights Campaign. For many years Phil Proctor has been executing sculpture that embodies the concepts of energy and physical space.  He often creates sculptures using found objects and recycled materials and believes the characteristics of those objects have a strong voice in the composition and expression of the piece. Proctor holds a BFA from the University of Southern Mississippi and an MFA from East Carolina University and has been a working artist in his Atlanta studio for the past ten years.  Proctor has permanent sculpture installations throughout the southeast as well as in other countries across Western Europe.