Artist Statement

On the cusp of contemporary art, “Dudali” are spontaneous and colorful humanoid sculptures that candidly illustrate the artist’s joyful personality while engaging observers of all ages in their “conversation.”


Artist Bio

Béju a Franco-American artist was born in Cognac, France in 1957. At age 28, his artist career began. A year later, he was invited to Chicago to show his work at an art exhibit called “At Home with France”. Quickly, his career as a wood carver flourished in New York as he restored and created new artwork in residences on Long Island and Manhattan. His earliest works are a set of “trompe l’oeil” wood carvings that have been featured several times in the Grand Palais in Paris. After 24 years of carving many memorable pieces, Béju has been driven to rejuvenate his passion for sculpture based on the interaction of the abstract concepts of Conscience and Action. Today he concentrates his efforts on a series of art in public places sculptures titled “Alley Dudes” which through candid shapes and forms engage into the most eloquent body language performances.