Artist Statement

Object of Ma(tt)n challenges the notion that the materials, ideas, places and people within Life are disconnected. After gathering together discarded items from all areas of Atlanta, artist William Massey shows that our perspective is our portrait – separate or together, clutter or culture, divided or One. The portrait is of local glass artist, Matt Janke. Who, for nearly three decades in Atlanta, has poured himself into two things: glass… and everything else.


Artist Bio

William Massey graduated with honors from Valdosta State University with a BFA in Art with emphasis in sculpture and painting. His interests included finding relationships and combining various media. After graduation, William traveled throughout Europe; interning, apprenticing and collaborating with artists in Italy, Spain and Germany. He has created large-scale, mixed-media portraits in gallery spaces as well as outdoor locations in sculpture parks. William completed a commission from Dreamwoods Sculpture Park in Tuscany in 2012, and is now working full-time at Janke Glass Studios in Old Fourth Ward. Special thanks to Matt Janke for the knowledge and scrap glass/ materials, Stein Steel for rusty stuff and the neighborhoods of Atlanta for throwing away some superb treasures.