Artist Statement

Two sets of 8-foot diameter stainless steel concentric circle patterns that reflect and abstract the surrounding environment, as well as passerby who engage with the work.


Artist Bio

Dana Haugaard started making and studying art during his time at Emory University where he double majored in Art History and Visual Art. He maintained his art practice in Atlanta until 2009 when he began his graduate art degree at the University of Iowa, which he finished in 2012. He has recently moved back to Atlanta and is currently the Donna and Marvin Schwartz Artist in Residence at Emory University. For the past few years, Haugaard has been working with sensation and stimulation with the hopes of, even for a moment, enabling people to gain a heightened sense of self-awareness. He attempts to engineer moments in which people become more conscious of themselves and their environments and how each affects the other. Dana currently manages the Visual Arts Building at Emory University serving as the operations manager for the Department of Film and Media Studies and the Visual Arts Studio Technician.