Artist Statement

Northern White is influenced by the plight of the northern white rhino. There are only four left of breeding age in existence. The work on one side is of an over life size rhino head tilting off of a small pedestal. The backside of the head has been sheared off with a smooth polished finish, almost becoming an abstract cloud-like form. The sculpture is made of stainless steel.

This sculpture was commissioned with funds from the Forward Arts Foundation.


Artist Bio

Born in Shrewsbury, NJ, David Landis currently lives and works in Atlanta. Landis received his BBA and MFA from Georgia State University, and was an adjunct instructor at Georgia State University’s sculpture department. Landis’ work ranges from large-scale public commissions to smaller private works. He lives with his wife Marie, son David, and their dog Lola in Grant Park, and has recently bought and remodeled a building near Turner Field to be his studio.