Artist Statement

Designed for a small band or solo performer, Nesting Resonants seeks to produce a new breed of sonic experience along the Beltline. It is anticipated that the sounds of the performance will blend with the sounds of the landscape to produce unique opportunities for performers and unique experiences for observers.


Artist Bio

Bryan has a BS in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology and recently completed a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan. He moved back to Atlanta in late 2011. He has 5 years of experience working in architecture firms in Atlanta and Michigan, as well as construction experience. Bryan currently works with the Beck Group but maintains a fabrication studio in West End. Frank specializes in cutting edge technology within the construction industry. A Vanderbilt graduate, Frank is attuned to the highly specialized industry. He is focused on prefabricated constructed, robotics, and computer technology for highly custom, cost effective construction. Frank works closely with designers to understand their goals and uses his expertise to effectively execute their vision.