Artist Statement

With his playful and innocent nature, Mister Fangs embodies the spirit of Atlanta. The ghost loves its home town, proclaiming it proudly in this mural with an “I 💜 ATL” sign and ultimately seeks to inspire and uplift residents. Artist paints freehand with spray paint.

This mural was painted as part of BeltLine Walls, Vol. 2 and festival on August 4, 2019 on the interim Northeast Trail where it passes under I-85.


Artist Bio

Mister Fangs, also known as the Geist, was the first street artist in Atlanta and the first character widely popular outside of the art community, embraced by small children and older folks alike.

Mister Fangs maintains an almost cult-like following. Atlanta residents go “ghost-hunting” on their daily commutes. In their pursuit, people pay more attention to the abandoned buildings and the general landscape of the city. Fans attribute their own meanings and interpretations behind the various Geist colors and outfits. The variety also makes Mister Fangs even more appealing to seek out. In 2004, Mister Fangs was featured in T.I.’s video for “Bring Em Out”. In 2006, Mister Fangs was so representative of Atlanta, that Creative Loafing included the character on their Best of Atlanta cover and artwork.