Artist Statement

Marímbula is an interactive light and musical instrument that allows multiple participants to create a musical lightshow. This is a hands-on complete visual and musical experience that uses a combination of light sculptures and musical sounds, which will give participants the sensation of becoming a musical conductor and visual director with just the push of some buttons


Artist Bio

Amy Pursifull is a visual artist and painter, muralist, producer of multimedia installations, published poet, bilingual creative writer and business entrepreneur in Media Services. She is a passionate lover of music and dance, and a patron of the arts. She has been involved in mixed mediums of art from painting to photography, and fine arts to music, for both small and large-scale projects. Her passion for art and music comes from a lifetime of participating in many forms of art. Santiago Páramo is an art driven individual with a special interest in music composition and performance art pieces. For the past five years, he has called Atlanta home, and through his music has reached out to many fellow artists and organizations in the city to create with them a wide range of art expressions such as: sound installations, dance performances, sculptures, paintings, live music, and many other art forms. He has over 10 years of experience as a professional DJ. He has composed various original music pieces for web based TV shows, art organizations, video presentations, and for the public in the form of music albums.