Artist Statement

Make Friends is more than just a mural; it’s a marvelous way to create an expansive environment. It’s a way to find connections with people, places, and times that are always changing.

It’s a message the artist had to take to heart as he moved constantly throughout his childhood, meeting various people who didn’t look, sound, or act like him but he had community with.

“Atlanta is changing. The neighborhoods are more blurred than ever before. Is it for the better? That’s solely on us individually to decide. So take a second or two today and meet someone new, not to “network”… but to Make Friends.” – George F. Baker III

This mural was painted as part of BeltLine Walls, Vol. 2 and festival on August 4, 2019, on the interim Northeast Trail where it passes under I-85.


Artist Bio

George F. Baker III, also known as GFB3, is a Nebraska-born, Detroit-grown, and Atlanta-raised creator. Using his instruments of design, illustration, and production, he employs a playful, childlike spirit to engage the inner child we all have.