Artist Statement

Afraid of us not being able to fit in, our parents encouraged us to “Make Friends” as children. It is one of the first lessons of survival we are taught, and if acted upon, can dramatically change the course of our lives. Our experiences are heavily impacted by our ability to make friends with those around us. Being connected to someone forces us to act with empathy on their behalf simply because we know they exist, dream, and love just like we do.

This mural was painted as part of BeltLine Walls, Vol. 2 and festival on August 4, 2019 on the interim Northeast Trail where it passes under I-85.


Artist Bio

George F. Baker III is a Nebraska-born, Detroit Grown, and Atlanta-Raised Creator. Using his instruments of design, illustration, and production, he employs a playful childlike spirit to engage the inner-child we all have. Currently, he is the Creative Director of Foster, a studio-collective striving to make people unafraid to play.