Artist Bio

Marilyn Chen | Produceer and Project Designer
Owner and Creative Directore of Liquid SKy.
Marilyn Chen is an Atlanta grown artist, curator, dancer, aerialist, performer, and theatrical producer and creative director. She studied fine art painting at the Atlanta College of Art, and then transferred to SCAD-Atlanta in 2006, when the two schools merged, pursuing photography, painting, and arts administration. Marilyn is interested in issues that revolve around women, addiction, sexuality, violence, and dream psychology. Her works explores the medium of painting, photography, installation and alternative media, dance, circus arts, and movement arts. Marilyn has strived to bring aerial arts to the forefront of Atlanta’s artistic identity over the past 7 years.

Roberto Hernandez | Ceative Expert and Artistic Visonary
Roberto was born in Soruth Mexica, He received classical training in drawing at a young age. Due to the tragic and unfortunate kidnapping of his mother, Roberto was taken along with his sister to the United States of America. His family relocated in Atlanta, Georgia; where he continued to develop his passion for art. He graduated with a BFA in Drawing and Painting and a minor in Graphic Design. Since then, he continued and marketed his work. Today Roberto finds himself instructing theatrical and special effects makeup, art directing mural projects, constructs and designs costumes, delegates artistic projects and collaborates with different artists to create works of art.

Lacy Rose Elian | Program Director and Moveent Artist and Choreographer
Lacy Rose Elian is a movement artist who trains and performs nationally, specializing in acrobatic contrition and aerial dance. She excels by performing in corporate events as well as creative projects that benefit the community. She is a passionate about amalgamating visual and performance arts through public and community experiences. Her work highlights aerial arts as a serious movement art in Atlanta.