Artist Statement

Liquid Sky is partnering with Art on the Atlanta Beltline to create a unique theatrical and cirque-style experience. The breathtaking performance features beautiful acts including aerial acrobatics, dance, and electrifying performances on sway poles. This visually stunning event creates a playful atmosphere by engaging the growing crowd with immersive play and interactive experiences.


Creative Director Marilyn Chen has allied with the exceptionally talented cast to explore themes like personal identity, relationships, and the complexities of the human experience through emotionally charged movement arts paired with original spoken word poetry and music. The sense of community and collaboration among the performers and audience will make this evening unforgettable, highlighting the incredible and innovative creativity of Liquid Sky as Atlanta’s most creative performance arts, entertainment, and event company.


Artist Bio

Liquid Sky is an inclusive event and specialty entertainment design firm that specializes in experiential and immersive performance arts. Liquid Sky brings together a highly trained troupe of diverse artists who create (unique) expressive performances with a mesmerizing display of grace, athleticism and the beauty of cirque entertainment. Our high-quality acts and unique performances are tailored to elevate any event.

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North Avenue Bridge by Ponce City Market