Artist Statement

Lines from a Conversation is an actual geological map of the area with a legend stating the materials of each layer of earth. The legend at the end of the composition represents a conversation transcribed on site during the painting process, each line corresponding to the same color code. This work relates to the rocks and dirt beneath our feet, as well as leaving space to memorialize a conversation, an ephemeral moment of human contact.


Artist Bio

Jane Garver is an Atlanta-based visual artist working in sculpture, painting and public art. She makes public art with an emphasis on interaction: from a three-story projection of the flight paths of an audience’s paper airplanes changing in real-time at InLight Richmond, to sixty-foot Slinkys suspnded overhead that snake with the pull of a line at Flux, Atlanta. She collected songs from various passersby in Atlanta for her sound installation, Voice Box, at Flux 2011. As a recipient of Mint Gallery’s Leap Year Emerging Artist Award and a recent Hambidge Fellow, Jane has been hard at work investing herself in Atlanta’s supporting art community.