Artist Statement

Lebeato Loungeis a series of percussion concerts showcasing home-built instruments with embedded lights on them.

Sept 15
This mini-concert features the public premiere of WaterWorks A solo percussion piece for a large amplified bowl of water and a theremin.

Sept 29
This mini-concert features the world premiere of Synesthesia,  a percussion ensemble piece featuring flashlights and vocal percussion.

Oct 13
This mini-concert features the world premiere of Plumb Line, a percussion ensemble piece featuring a very large homebuilt flute, played with ping pong paddles.

Nov 3
This final performance features all 3 works, Synesthesia, Plumb Line, and WaterWorks.

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Artist Bio

Klimchak is an Atlanta-based composer and percussionist who specializes in live music for theatre and dance. He is an Artistic Associate at Georgia Shakespeare, where he has received several awards and nominations. Klimchak also designs and builds percussion instruments and received a grant this past January from Idea Capital in Atlanta to build a new series of instruments, write music for them, and have a series of flash performances with the resultant music.