Artist Statement

“Soul Rest(WORKING TITLE)” is a large-scale figurative sculpture composed of welded steel and textiles created in partnership with members of the local refugee community of Clarkston, Ga.

This purpose of this piece is to shine light on those seeking refuge and rest for their souls – from our homeless neighbors in Atlanta to refugees fleeing violence and oppression abroad. This artwork highlights basic needs of humanity, empathy and acknowledgement of the “other” in an increasingly divided and apathetic world.


Artist Bio

William Massey is a freelance artist, sculptor, creative entrepreneur, and a co-leader of art programs within social organizations and health facilities throughout the city of Atlanta, Ga.

William initially found his voice through art during his time at Valdosta State University, receiving his BFA in 2012. William arrived to Atlanta in 2013 to begin his art career consisting of outlets such as glassblowing, teaching art to homeless youth, and public art installations. He has gradually evolved into a force of creative connection in Atlanta – utilizing the power of art to unify communities, uplift public spaces, pursue social and racial reconciliation, and creatively comfort those in hardship.

William has traveled throughout the globe with his artwork, serves on the boards and leads art programs with several local organizations, founded ColorATL, and has a number of works exhibiting publicly around Atlanta, Ga.