Artist Statement

Barry Lee created this piece with assistance from Meredith Ann White and Graham Bohling, as well as neighbors of Reynoldstown.

I’s on U focuses on the experiences of looking “different” than others or having a disability. The mural highlights the paradox of gawking at someone while in a space of perceived privacy and discretion. The approachability is conveyed through the bright colors and joyful colors. Some eyes blend in while others stand out, much like those who choose to stare at others in public spaces.

Neighbors in Reynoldstown and the community at large were invited out to a Family Paint Day to fill in the mural on May 4, 2019.


Artist Bio

Barry Lee is an Atlanta based artist & illustrator who specializes in whimsical worlds full of bright pinks and yellows. Whether he’s painting murals, drawing up illustrations for a magazine or designing parade balloons – Lee inserts a heavy dose of weird and colorful characters to his work. Born with a rare syndrome called “Nager’s Syndrome,” Barry was interested in drawing as a way to escape a childhood full of surgeries and doctors visits. While the surgeries have stopped, the drawing stuck with Lee into a full fledged career being an artist. Not only does he dabble in different artistic mediums, he is also a writer and public speaker.