Artist Statement

IndusTREEialization is a collaborative installation that aims to draw attention to the symbiotic functionality of our unnatural, manufactured world with the natural, primal world. The installation will be built surrounding the base of several trees so as to seem one with them – intertwined with nature and built from ground-up, along the trunk of the trees. It will be held up with a wooden base made of plywood that has been sealed and painted with an abstract design that flows along the woodgrain of the structure. As the sculpture seems to grow with the tree, it will start to morph to man-made products such as found and recycled plastic, acrylic and mirror. Parts of the plastic and acrylic will be painted, carrying a cohesive abstract design from ground up. The work is reminiscent of the beltline itself – having been once a natural environment, untouched by man until being industrialized into a railroad, then reclaimed by nature until once again being developed into what it is today which is a perfect symbol of unity between urban civilization and nature. The mirror allows viewers to see themselves in the piece, representing man. The plastic represents our creations using natural elements. And the wood represents the natural world itself.


Artist Bio

Niki Zarrabi

Niki Zarrabi is a mixed media artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She received a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a Concentration in Drawing and Painting from Georgia State University
in 2014. Her work commonly explores the complex relationship between spirituality and the science of human existence. She uses art to study the structure of our universe as a means to understanding its sustenance.

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Arian Zarrabi

Arian Zarrabi is an Atlanta-based architect/designer, experienced in the building design and construction profession with a background in visual arts and graphic design. She attended Georgia Tech from 2008 to 2012 for her Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and graduated in 2014 with a Master of Architecture degree from Georgia Tech. While at Georgia Tech, she studied installation art and created various works, one of which was included in the 2014 Art on the BeltLine exhibition.
See attached resume for previous experience.

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