Artist Statement

An interpretive view of recent self-immolations acted out by Tibetan Monks as a courageous protest against the massive crackdown and longtime oppression by Communist China. The performance includes 3-4 dancers exhibiting a response to this human condition caused by suppression of one’s being and spiritual rights. The intent is to promote awareness of the severity and realism of the situation.

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Artist Bio

Ryan Mathern graduated with a BA in art from Mercer University in 1992. For the past four years, he has been concentrating on steel sculpture, using a method involving adding virgin and reclaimed materials to a tubular steel substructure and steel rod framework. Mathern often combines phrases in Tibetan script with subject matter such as mythical creatures and Asian devotional machines.

Cecilia Marrero is a longtime supporter and activist for the Tibetan cause, having recently worked with the Tibetan community on a March, 2012 Tibet Uprising demonstration.