Artist Statement

Meaningful human relationships seem to be abandoned in favor of technological communication, pushing members of society further away from one another. Art is a healing mechanism for communities and our current economic crisis has made it imperative that we reconnect and work together for our very survival. This piece is meant to inspire unity and to be a journey of self-discovery for the public. Translation of the characters read as follows:

(long passage) ” In the water we find peace, we float together in the love of God.”

(graffiti style text) ” Atlanta Beltline 2012 ”

(graffiti style text after fish) ” How Are You? ”

(long passage) ” Let’s travel to new places and meet new faces filled with light. “


Artist Bio

A native of Atlanta, Brandon Sadler’s unique approach to illustration and calligraphy has garnered the attention of galleries and media alike culminating in an ever-growing body of work and a place in the contemporary collection of the High Museum. His solo and group exhibitions have brought him accolades as one of Atlanta’s most prolific artists. Sadler’s aesthetic interests have been informed by his involvement in the American graffiti and street art sub-cultures, which formed the beginnings of his artistic process. The influences of Japanese Ukiyo-e, calligraphy, and other Asian art forms have impacted his aesthetic interests and greatly influenced his unique artistic style. This artistic inquiry has led to the creation of a body of work exhibited in galleries and the public arena, that merges East and West fluidly. Often, the resulting imagery speaks to a universal human condition through a narrative style encrypted with symbolism, text, and decorative elements. By exploring broad themes relating to current societal conditions, he exposes man’s battle with himself, society, and nature. Sadler’s transformation of these cultures illustrates perfectly, the universality of art and its ability to activate the individual and the community.