Artist Statement

Viewers wanting to experience HEADSPACE will place their head inside a structure that will cause them to trust their periphery senses as they progress up the path exploring along the way. Multiple people entering “head space” simultaneously are encouraged. Throughout the path there are portals where each viewer can see mirror lined walls and catch glimpses of a variety of abstract reflected scenes. The interaction between viewers inside the box is important, because as each individual is engaged in their own confined environment and interacting with others inside the “headspace” they are also simultaneously, yet unknowingly, communicating with onlookers.


Artist Bio

Logan is a Junior Designer at Square Feet Studio, and his work primarily consists of restaurant and hospitality design projects. Michael is lead Technician and Designer for an intown Residential Developer currently working on Townhomes in Edgewood. Logan and Michael met at during college at Southern Polytechnic State University where they both recently graduated in May 2016 with Bachelor of Architecture Degrees. They collaborated on multiple design-build projects while in college, and found themselves competing against each other in many other class-wide competitions along the way. This has allowed for a unique team dynamic of both competition and creativity. Logan and Michael have a passion for everything Atlanta, from supporting sports teams to engaging in positive community developments like Art on the Beltline.