Artist Statement

The duo also known as Maplanta has created 100 pieces of Beltline themed art to be dispersed along the east and west side trails. Using a Leave No Trace method each piece will either have a saw tooth hanger, magnet, or ribbon to allow an easy way to leave the art on the path without damaging property. The backside of every piece will have a sticker that tells the finder to tweet @Map_lanta, and @AtlantaBeltline to tell the artist and other hunters that the piece has been recovered.


Artist Bio

Jake Tompkins attended Georgia Tech and received a Bachelors in Polymer and Fiber engineering in 2006 and a Masters in Industrial Design in 2009. Upon graduation he worked at Scenario Custom Scenery for 2 years as a carpenter and for 1 year at Longwood Antique woods as a furniture craftsman. He now works for Georgia Tech managing the Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL) for the College of Architecture. During Graduate school Jake worked to focus his master’s degree around furniture design and fabrication, and since graduating, has consistently worked in fields that have kept busy with large build and install projects. Currently working at the DFL he manages students who are working on large scale building projects for the College of Architecture which include furniture, mockups, and sculpture projects, as well as sponsored research.

Ben Hollerbach attended Georgia Tech and received a Bachelors in Industrial Design in 2008. Ben currently works at Georgia Tech for the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology as a Design Engineer. During school and since graduating Ben has worked doing Graphic Design as a side job, working on websites, logos, and branding. Over the past year, Ben has worked diligently on the Maplanta project, becoming proficient with spray stencils, and plywood art. Ben is an avid golfer and leather worker.