Artist Statement

Forest Mushroom is an outdoor installation comprising five mushroom sculptures ranging in height from 3 feet to 5 feet, a solar panel and battery , and dusk activated lights. Forest Mushroom is meant to blend in with a natural wooded environment. This blending is accomplished using found natural elements. Using natural elements, we hope to encourage the growth of moss and mushrooms on the sculptures themselves.


Artist Bio

MFGoods is a collaborative effort between Yun Jung Alice and Eddie Farr. Alice and Eddie meet while working together on Disco Hypnosis, a 2019 New Years Eve party. While working on this project they quickly realized that their skills and interests aligned and complemented each other. MFGoods was officially formed in the first few weeks of the 2020 Covid pandemic as an outlet for the duo to work through their grief with what was happening in the world. MFGoods strives to bring happiness and joy to the world through their work with found, reclaimed, and recycled objects. Alice’s skills as a designer and miniature sculptor combined with Eddies experience working with lighting and in the escape room world allow the two to create seemingly impossible objects and works on both a small and large scale.