Artist Statement

Flower Garden” will be a 19 piece sculptural installation made from plywood, and hand painted, taking up a 30’ x 20’ footprint, no more than 10’ high and 5’ wide with any one element, using 2” x 2” x 8’ posts for support utilizing at least 3’ to be mounted in concrete footers in the earth for stability, using multiple supports where needed.


Artist Bio

Maxwell Sebastian is a self-taught visual artist from Philadelphia, PA. Having spent much of the previous decade in a traditional mode of nudes and portraits, in 2010 he began to develop his own visual language to explore themes of income inequality and climate change. In 2012 he illustrated The Boviniad, a work of epic verse produced by Roguelikefiction. Sebastian has been nominated on two occasions by The Forward Arts Foundation for its Emerging Artist Award. Since 2014 he has been a board member and art committee chair at Eyedrum, and he is currently working on a large-scale installation for the Art on the Beltline program. Sebastian currently resides in Atlanta, GA