Artist Statement

An installation of light-up electronic fireflies that can be found by walkers along the Beltline, inspiring wonder and nostalgia. The fireflies will be found amongst a small section of trees to create a hidden treat for the viewer to find while exploring the Beltline in the evening. The fireflies will be strung from a strand of LEDs to give the impression that they are flying. Some fireflies will rest amongst the trees so they can be seen more closely by visitors. The fireflies will be strung amongst the trees and turn on around sunset, similar to the activity of real fireflies.


Artist Bio

Colleen Jordan is an industrial designer and artist from Atlanta, GA. For the last several years, she has been using 3D printing technology to manufacture products and jewelry. Colleen is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Industrial Design. While at Georgia Tech, she learned how to use 3D printing and the capabilities of the technology.