Artist Statement

Fifty-Five Square Miles is at its most basic a map of the Atlanta BeltLine and its surrounding neighborhoods. This particular map, however, is composed entirely of recycled, repurposed materials standing in for the city’s human elements: its landmarks, major roads, public rail, and universities; and a continuously growing moss medium in place of the city’s parks, forests, and tree-lined neighborhoods.


Artist Bio

Geoff Bartlett has embraced Atlanta’s thriving arts community since migrating from the southside suburbs a decade ago. As a company member of Twinhead Theatre, Geoff has taken to the stage & screen as a 1970s evangelical, a shirtless Hitler, and Gilbert Gottfried, among others. Now working for the Plaza Theatre and the Atlanta Film Festival, he hopes to help keep classic & local cinema alive in Atlanta. More recently, Geoff has delved into amateur ¬†infographic design; this is his first solo public installation.