Artist Statement

Full Radius Dance, a professional physically integrated (dancers with and without disabilities) dance company, will explore different concepts of access: how the building of the railroad created access for the founding and evolution of Atlanta; how individuals with and without disabilities create their own access; and how the Beltline is creating access for all Atlanta residents. This performance will explore how a natural environment can be modified in order to encourage exploration and how a man-made environment may be further modified for increased access.


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September 29

October 13


Artist Bio

Founded in 1990 by artistic/executive director Douglas Scott, the organization was originally known as Dance Force.The company began as a ‘traditional’ dance company – all members were professional dancers without disabilities. In 1993, through a partnership with VSA arts of GA, Shepherd Center and Special Audiences, Douglas began teaching dance classes for persons with physical disabilities. He was intrigued by the challenge of creating a modern dance technique that would be inclusive for all physical abilities; one firmly arts-based and not designed to be “therapeutic”. Through hard work, trial and error, and learning from his students, Douglas developed a distinct style and technique, now celebrated for its artistry and inclusiveness. After merging with a dance company called E=Motion, Dance Force became Full Radius Dance. The company now has a busy tour schedule, both national and international.