Artist Statement

Emerging Worlds engages Atlanta residents in creating individual, reflective ceramic works that will be displayed collectively along the Atlanta BeltLine, fostering stronger community connections and interaction with art on the Atlanta BeltLine. The project was created by the community through workshops held by Emerging World Ceramics with the theme “Make Your Dream Come True.” The ceramic pieces were then taken from the workshops and kiln fired  prior to placement on the trail.


Artist Bio

Emerging Worlds is a collaborative pairing of Brittany Ranew and Kira Hegeman. Kira Hegeman is a graduate student in art education at the University of Georgia. Before attending UGA, she served as the Art Director for Art Relief International, a non-profit dedicated to empowerment and education through the arts. As an artist, she works primarily in printmaking but has recently begun to explore ceramics and interactive installation. Brittany Ranew is an Atlanta native living in Athens to pursue a master’s degree in art education. She spent a year abroad teaching in South Korea and then worked as a teaching artist with the Center for Puppetry Arts. Brittany’s work as an artist coincides with her teaching and through both avenues, she aims to encourage art-making and appreciation of the arts.