Artist Statement

Earth Helix is a time-based light sculpture and four-sided spiraling column, made of a steel frame with biodegradable seeded-paper skin. Standing twelve feet high, Earth Helix houses internal solar lights that illuminate at night. As the Fall weather causes the skin to deteriorate, more and more light will escape and the landscape is seeded with wildflowers. The materials aim to express a hopefulness in the life cycle through acknowledgement and celebration of the aging process (the deterioration of the surface), learning and enlightenment (solar lights), as well as the hopefulness found in the generation of new life (the seeds that may or may not grow).


Artist Bio

Casey Lynch is a practicing artist in Atlanta, where he is part-time faculty in the Sculpture Department at SCAD-Atlanta, and an art critic for the online magazine Lynch was born and raised in Columbus, GA where he earned his BS in Psychology at Columbus State University. He also has his BFA in Sculpture from the Atlanta College of Art and his MFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design.