Artist Statement

“Earth Cocoons Series IV: An Exploration in Regeneration and Decay,” is an environmental study of naturalistic occurrences within a self-created atmosphere. The pieces visually showcase the constant flux and ebb of our environments and how humans contribute to charging a space and vice versa.  “Earth Cocoons,” features 50 handmade cocoons that are all made from repurposed and found fabrics.   Within the installation, 25 of the 50 cocoons signify regenerative energies while the other portions facilitate decay.  In some of the pieces, seeds and salts are used to manifest growth and while others are created solely out of raw materials, which in time will begin to decay.  While the concepts differ in some degrees, they both encompass transformation.


Artist Bio

Iman Person is a visual intellectual that lives and has exhibited in the Atlanta area since 2005. In 2010 she received her BFA from Georgia State University in drawing, painting and printmaking. Throughout her work, Iman highlights the metaphysical energy that fuels mankind and how all things, whether animal, mineral or ethereal, are all connected. Her work; while abstract in execution, takes on a familiar posture of the human body and naturalistic expansion.