Artist Statement

Dogwoods immediately invoke happy feelings for so many residents of Atlanta.  The blooming of the dogwood trees mark the time when we come out into the parks, enjoy more long walks, and spend time outside with friends and family. McKevitt’s mural is a monument to those happy feelings.


Artist Bio

Julie Ann McKevitt began painting at a young age, instilled with a love of acrylics by her grandmother. While studying business and dance at the University of Miami, she began painting commissions for friends and family during her free time.In 2012, she decided to pursue art full time. Since then she has worked at Glazed & Fired, a pottery and art studio, taught art classes, and painted commissioned work. Julie Ann McKevitt now works full time from her home studio.  She has created custom artwork including abstract pieces, landscapes, portraits, and a variety of flower studies. Julie’s murals can be seen in high schools and private residences. In addition to canvas and mural work, Julie Ann has painted note cards, canvas bags, and other custom gift items. Whether in dance or with paint Julie Ann believes there are so many therapeutic benefits to the arts. She is currently embarking on a new artistic endeavor called Paint Love, to bring art to youth in need. Julie Ann resides in Decatur, GA with her husband, Aaron and their new puppy Grady.