Artist Statement

A look at the history of the Atlanta BeltLine reveals a divide between neighborhoods along the old railroad corridor. The sculpture is a reminder of how the communities along the Atlanta BeltLine, once divided, can be transformed in ways that connect them to each other.


Artist Bio

With a strong interest in both architecture design and building science, Patrick attempts to bridge the ideological divide between theory and technical application. Patrick interests include in computer visualization, digital fabrication, graphic design, video presentations, and an occasional round of golf. He has a five year Bachelor of Architecture from Southern Polytechnic State University and is finishing his Masters in High Performance Building at Georgia Institute of Technology. He has 8 years of combined experience in architecture and HVAC engineering. In addition, Patrick builds furniture and has engaged in numerous construction projects from patios to fences.

Obsessed by architecture, Yiyuan made a sharp shift from electrical engineering to the field of building technology recently. He is interested in how science and physics could make impact on modern architecture, from functionality and aesthetics and energy efficiency aspects. In addition, He currently works doing structural Finite Element Analysis for a research project with the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Tyler was the Producer and Video Editor for “A Walk Through Atlanta History”, a permanent art installation at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. AWTAH is a mediated museum spanning across 8 pivotal moments in Atlanta’s history.

David is currently finishing up his Masters’ in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. While he has been a visual artist since high school, his art has remained a hobby until now in pursuit of an engineering career.