Curtain of Green engages in the process of myth-making through the incorporation of familiar Southern imagery and the adaptation of archaic narratives by deconstructing of sources such as classic mythology, biblical myths, and folklore. These themes nest the stories within dense, overgrown Southern landscapes, replete with counterintuitive pairings of native species. By imbuing Southern places with myth and magic, this work parallels the manner with which Classical and Pagan story-crafting places itself within real, accessible landscapes alongside its mortal inhabitants. Curtain of Green consists of three wearable sculptures. The twilight performances and masks reference the animal life in and around the city. Coyotes and deer, among other animals, have altered their behavior with the sudden increase of their human neighbors in the past hundred years to be much more active at twilight and night rather than in the daytime. The performances centered on this time of day reference animal movement as does the use of a narrow corridor of green space. The focus on the marginalized character of wildlife ties the work to Southern Gothic writing and its focus on the “other” in the South, particularly Eudora Welty (whose story Curtain of Green inspired this work).

Andrew Catanese:

Andrew Catanese attended the Sam Fox School of Art and Design at Washington University in
St. Louis where he obtained his BFA in Studio Art. He grew up near Richmond, Virginia and
currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia from his studio at the Goat Farm. Catanese shows
regularly with Kai Lin Art in Atlanta and Lemieux Galleries in New Orleans, and has participated in group and solo shows in New York City, Pennsylvania, Italy, St. Louis, and Virginia.

Eddie Farr:

Eddie Farr is a media artist, creative coder, DIY enthusiast, and multi-instrumentalist performer from Atlanta, GA. He is a is a graduate of Georgia Southern University where he received a B.A. in Music and an M.M. in Music Technology.

S. Shayne:

S. Shayne is an Atlanta-based writer and artist. She is currently pursuing a degree at Agnes Scott
College. She has worked on a numerous public projects throughout Atlanta as well as having solo shows at Parlor Gallery and Hodgepodge Coffeehouse Gallery, but her crowning achievement is getting a full, satisfying meal from the Whole Foods hot bar for under $8.”