Artist Statement

Community… A Sound Creation is an interactive performance where surrounding communities are invited to participate by bringing and playing household items. The purpose of the performance is to show the beauty of simple sound creation, the importance of the individual role and voice in a community, and how enjoyable  is to create with your neighbors and community using your innate abilities and items already in your surrounding. Community… A Sound Creation shows the history of the community coming together through music and art.


Artist Bio

Taranji, a Newark, New Jersey native, started her visual artistic journey in the Baker High School Art program taught by artist in residence and film maker George Folke in Columbus, Georgia. Having a passion for drawing and painting she continued her studies in art classes, starting her own collection of work while working with artist and celebrity photographer Greg Mann. She also started her musical career in the mid-90’s with a rock band called Voodoo Einstein in Atlanta. Taranji continues to perform in different venues, festivals, and events state side and abroad. She performed her project A Community… A Sound Creation for Art on the Atlanta BeltLine in 2011.

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