Artist Statement

This work experiments with pushing the boundaries of form with brick. The concept is inspired by a small antique candleholder that we thought would make a beautiful large-scale column. Brick as a material is seldom altered in this way. Therefore, making this work very unique and a real challenge for us the makers. The work stands around 9+ feet in height and almost 2 feet in width. We enjoy brick for its tactile and durable nature, and low maintenance abilities. Also, the firing creates variation in the surface of each brick making the surface that much more fun to explore.


Artist Bio

AnT Sculpture is a husband/wife team located in Macon, Ga creating works primarily of architectural ceramics using industrial brick and handmade tile. Commonly the works are site-specific, permanent, and interactive as playable art. We strive to create in a collaborative fashion, utilizing professionals in their fields (i.e. engineers, artists, designers, construction specialists) and community members when applicable. Often we tell stories through our work to embody the narrative and give rise to the playful yet serious nature of our works. We also enjoy using local materials and industry and we are currently working with Cherokee Brick and Tile Co. We have works in eight countries including the U.S.