Artist Statement

My art work invites people to optimize their relationship with themselves and their environment. It inspires warm sensations, such as love, freedom, and a tendency for exploration of the world and our human nature . Therefore I seek to guide these awaken feelings towards the welfare of humanity and earth.

My art regards human beings as gifted children of this planet; the intelligence in nature that shaped our bodies is the same intelligence that we have inherited from earth. This allows us to transform resources in multiple ways for all kind of purposes. Since we have such potential it is also our responsibility to protect this earth.

I want to remind each viewer (especially the youth ) that there is a creator in each of us; powerful, intelligent and kind. The future of our home depends on the way we devote our attention and our energy.

For this purpose I have formulated representations of how human beings can possibly interact with matter, energy , and other types of life, to produce positive results for a harmonious coexistence with the planet.