Artist Statement

Gregor Turk has facilitated nearly two dozen participants through Youth Art Connection in the fabrication of miniature “ruins” within the recessed areas under numerous small rock overhangs and ledges of railroad cut for visitors to encounter new worlds as envisioned by teens. Before the clays eventually deteriorate in the elements, visitors are able to examine the curious nooks and crannies of the rock wall, scouting for traces of civilizations from long ago to the post-apocalyptic.

See how you can access the Atlanta BeltLine near Civilizations.


Artist Bio

Known for his public art installations, ceramic sculpture, photography, and mixed-media constructions, Gregor Turk often incorporates mapping imagery and cultural markings into his artwork. His response to his surroundings, whether in his hometown, Atlanta, or while traveling, serves as a major impetus for much of what he creates. Turk received his B.A. from Rhodes College and his M.F.A. from Boston University.