Artist Statement

CAJA CORREA is a collaborative sculpture by local artists Lucha Rodriguez and Paco Vergachette. The intention of the piece is to bring upbeat energy of transformation and movement to Atlanta’s Public Art BeltLine initiative. The duo will combine their bold visual styles and sensibilities to create a modular sculpture that will bring both organic and structural design elements into play. The organic creatures erupting and breaking through the cube structures is a sign of change and birth of the new, the fresh and daring. The piece embodies change taking over the BeltLine. The creatures create a semi-circular path around the cubes and then go back into the ground, leaving just parts of the elongated bodies visible on the ground. Bright, bold colors coming in and out of the ground as a symbol of artistic conquer.The modular sculptural piece will be made on wood and coated with exterior paints and sealed to withstand the elements.


Artist Bio

Lucha Rodriguez was born and raised in Venezuela. She has produced various “pink projects,” ranging from etchings, monoprints, and serigraphs to immersive surreal environments.  Paco Vergachette was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela. His work is minimalist in nature with bright colors and geometric forms favoring small details such as dots and patterns.