Artist Statement

Part of an ongoing series entitled Visual Jazz, the series is based around the improvisational nature of jazz music. In jazz there is a melody, a chord structure, rhythm behind that melody, and improvisation from the scales that go with the chord structure. Within this improvisation there are small “riffs” or short runs within a scale. These riffs are the pursuit of the artist in this visual jazz series. Using the ring as melody, the dissection of the ring as chord structure, the reassembly as rhythm, the artists is not completing a song but improvisational manifestations of those riffs.



Artist Bio

James Davis is a Mississippi native who now resides in Georgia. He holds a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Mississippi and an MFA in Sculpture from East Carolina University. Davis is a professional sculpture and studio technician at the University of West Georgia. He has traveled from Mississippi to Costa Rica exhibiting his large-scale sculptural work in several private and public collections. This is his second exhibition with Art on the Atlanta BeltLine.