Artist Statement

“BeltLine (basics)” proposes a temporary installation that acts simultaneously as a sculptural intervention and a as an inhabitable spatial intervention as part of an ongoing series of work under the title “basics”, contributing to questions of monumentality, temporality and public appropriation in contemporary public art.


Artist Bio

Educated as architect in Germany I moved to New York in 2000. My work fluctuates between architecture and a wide range of artistic media, with a particular focus on installations in the public sphere. Over the past two years I have been engaged with a body of work under the title “basics”, which explores an abstracted notion of form, space and utility. “Basics” is based on a constructive logic of additive dimensional lumber, configured spatially following a set of formal vocabulary. The work wants to be experienced both as an abstract sculptural gesture as well as a usable and interactive spatial environment. Conceived as part of a larger installation for the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, Romania, the series has since had a number of iterations as public installations throughout the US. The proposed work for the BeltLine will follow this double entendre of a formally strong sculpture that concurrently also acts as usable spatial environment, constructed of 2x4s.