Artist Statement

At the heart of our project are questions about America’s love affair with The Sale. Through spectacle, lights, and performance we will create an allure of intrinsic value that supersedes any monetary value the items may have. The crux of our performance is an investigation into the American entrepreneurial spirit. In this time of decadence in 2017, can we transcend the mere perception of value, and find what’s really precious? Performing on the Atlanta Beltline is a great fit for Barter Boat because we want to connect as many cities together as possible. What we’ve lost and found in Minnesota and Indiana and (upcoming) Maryland, will become our collection in Georgia. Just as the Beltline is an old train track re-imagined into a park, Barter Boat re-imagines everyday objects into ARTifacts: miniature sculptures that people can keep.


Artist Bio

RADAR Art – Anna Abhau Elliott, Desiree Moore, Robin Schwartzman
Robin Schwartzman is an artist who creates playful, large-scale public art. She is best known for her
interactive installations which have been featured at the Walker Art Center, the Indianapolis Museum
of Art, the Northern Spark festival and the Art Shanty Projects, to name a few. She is a recipient of a
Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists as well as an Award for Innovation from the
American Institute of Architects. Schwartzman’s obsession with leisure and play has led her to take
inspiration from amusement parks and miniature golf courses around the world.
Anna Abhau Elliott works as a playwright, actor, and amateur historian to create new performances
both on and far, far off stage. She seeks to create a radical community theater: how can a performance
serve the citizens where it takes place? This question has taken her all over the country: from
performing with Andrea Geyer in the Whitney Biennial, to Art Shanty projects on a frozen lake in
Minneapolis, to The Assembly Theatre in Brooklyn and LA, to residencies in Kansas and Nebraska, to
improv comedy in South Carolina. She is currently developing a play about Reconstruction and the
history of the KKK in Spartanburg, SC. Also, once, she was in a Beirut music video.
Desiree Moore collects stories, memories, and moments to construct experimental narratives
through film. Her films have shown nationally and internationally, from Aesthetica Short Film Festival
in the UK, the CICA Museum in South Korea, and the Borscht Film Festival in Miami, to various
galleries and her all time favorite, a few drive-ins.