Artist Bio

Chelsea Darling (they/she) is a greater Atlanta area sculptor and metal artist known for large-scale sculptures that combine traditional forging with modern fabrication techniques. With a strong background in commercial design and an extensively traveled life through all the contiguous US, their work displays a broad array of styles and expressions. While high craftsmanship and a feeling of embodied life are characteristic of their works, Chelsea considers their art genreagnostic and instead focuses on the strength of metal as a communication tool. For a creative practice, Chelsea spends their time methodically exploring the depths of metalworking techniques. Workshops, published curriculums and continued professional training in blacksmithing, casting, fabrication and machining facilitate this continual curiosity for creation in steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze and copper.
These traditional and contemporary bodies of knowledge come together to form the unique possibilities that Chelsea forges into meaningful art. Professionally, Chelsea owns and operates a sculptural and ornamental metalworking company, Darling Company. Through this venture they design and build work for a diverse range of clientele including private art collectors, public and government organizations, commercial businesses and museums. Chelsea leverages a previous successful career in graphic design to craft well-researched and thoughtful work to encapsulate the stories of their clientele with care and communicate them with clarity.